Wind, rain, double-dip recession and Leveson

Strange old week innit. Wind, rain, double dip recession and Levesonian intrigue combined to make things a little turbulent all round; ideal for an editorial cartoonist, you might think. And you’d be right. I managed to combine two of those stories into the above cartoon. But the Leveson Inquiry is a little more problematic to portray in News International newspapers since they are at the eye of the storm.

However, the story broke out of newspaperland and ran amok in the Palace of Westminster, taking on a life of its own on Thursday when Jeremy Hunt fired Adam, his little SPAD gofer, possibly breaking ministerial code in doing so (yet to be tested). This story could be presented without mention of newspaper proprietorship and I thought I had managed to get a cartoon on the subject through on Thursday when I submitted a rough (below) combining the raging tornadoes and events at Westminster. All OK until the last minute when I was told that Cornish pasties should take centre stage in the editorial cartoon instead of Hunt’s Hubris. Ho hum. Here’s the poor old spiked rough anyway. I’d smugly ask visitors to quietly admire the impressive perspectival foreshortening before leaving a fiver in the box. Thank you.

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