The website of editorial cartoonist Andy Davey

Prints are available for sale here as priced. Please enquire about availability of original artworks.

  • What do I do?

    Well, mostly I draw and I paint. I realised rather late in life that I have a need to express myself and these media are the most natural for me. I get angry about politics and the knaves and fools who rise to the top of our flawed system so I draw political cartoons. Some say this is an essential part of a healthy society . Inevitably, in order to get published, some of my work is compromised (partly through self - censorship).

  • In its raw form, satire is a naturally aggressive medium of expression. And anger is not a healthy emotion in the long term. So, I also paint. I paint simply to express; just for the freedom and joy of expression for its own sake. This is far healthier for the soul than drawing political cartoon s . It is meditative. It makes for much more happiness. B ut I accept I probably need to do both. So here are some cartoons...