firewalls and floaters

There’s been much talk of political “firewalls” recently. Little Adam Smith was Culture Sec Jeremy Hunt’s firewall, although he proved to be expendable. Jeremy is doubtless now feeling the heat of the inferno surrounding his house of cards. He is supposedly Cameron’s firewall in the BSkyB takeover affair. He’s still there as I write, but Call-Me-Dave’s had firewalls before. And they were cast asunder with some haste. Who, you ask? Why dear old Andy Coulson, natch. What’s that? – “do I have an old cartoon which might illustrate how Cameron is happy to ditch his firewalls and apologists once they become besmirched, in a furiously mixed metaphors kind of way?” Well, I do as it happens. Not so much firewall, more floater. Wait – I’ll dig it out. Here it is, entirely gratuitously published for the first time. It had been languishing in my private vault.

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