Gardening for beginners

The news that the UK economy shrank last quarter faster than previously estimated was surely no great shock to anyone but those jolly Bullingdon Boys. Dave’s message has shifted subtly from “austerity is good for you” to “austerity is good while we think up a new story – hang on in there…”.

Growth is the new thing doncha know. But the growth needs to start elsewhere. Dave’n’George have decided that since the public no longer laps up the notion that the current global downturn is all the fault of Gordon Brown, they’d better cast around for a new narrative. That’s what PR types are good at after all. Enter, evil Baron Eurozone, stage right, twirling his moustaches in a very theatrical untrustworthy Frenchy fashion. Despite the fact that the eurozone shrank less than the UK economy last quarter, the economies of the rest of Europe are the source of our current malaise. So they should jolly well roll up their sleeves and do a bit of growth stuff over there. Austerity is good for you Brits but it’s dashed poor show on the Continent.

So Dave continues to push the line that Plan A is essential and that growth is just around the corner.

The cartoon was drawn for The Sun, but was not published.

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