Dubya Freedom Fries
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A3 (42x30cm) individually pencil-signed print on 300gsm digital watercolour paper. The image size is around 36cm wide. Postage is added at checkout

Dubya arrives in Europe amidst high security to schmooze everybody in sight; even his "Old Europe" enemies like Chirac and Schroeder. He goes so far as to host a private dinner for Jacques Chirac - were "Chicken Frenchies" and "Freedom Fries" on the menu? Great divisions still exist between the two continental powers; not least the issue of China. China is single handedly supporting the US Dollar by investing heavily in US bonds; a situation which happily keeps Bush's bankrupt economy above water. Meanwhile, the EU has expressed an intention to remove the 15-year-old sanctions on arms sales to China, opening up the possibility of greater trade with the emerging giant. This might mean Chinese investments shifting away from the US and into the coffers of Europe. That wouldn't play too well with Wall Street. Is this why Uncle Dubya is so friendly? Will Chirac share a fry or two? Or would he prefer Chinese?